IoT Lighting with Multiprotocol Connectivity Have you ever wanted to turn your lights on/off using either a physical switch running Zigbee or by a BLE application on a smartphone? Read more to discover how you can build an IoT lighting device to do precisely that.
Working With the Silicon Labs Zigbee/BLE Multiprotocol Development Kit Exploring Silicon Lab’s BLE/Zigbee multiprotocol implementation using their development kit based on EFR32xG21 SoCs, this post details how the protocol reduces the hardware cost as you only need one radio to support two protocols.
How to Set Up and Work With a LoRa Device In this blog, we describe how to set up and work with a LoRa GPS-tracker node device. Among other functions, these LoRa devices typically keep track of their location via GPS and send data through gateways onto the LoRaWAN network.
Setting Up a LoRa Gateway to View IoT Device Data In this blog, we document the steps required to set up a gateway from scratch, register it with The Things Network and observe uplink data from a simple LoRa node.