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From careful filtering of analog sensor lines to sophisticated digital signal processing, Cardinal Peak helps teams use signal processing to achieve the highest level of performance. For example, voice enablement has introduced a variety of audio signal processing challenges, including wake-word recognition, echo cancellation and acoustic beam forming. Cardinal Peak’s deep experience with giving devices a voice of their own has helped our customers launch products with both OK Google and Alexa wake-words. As an Alexa Voice Services partner and with broad audio expertise, we help select and implement both hardware and IP solutions to meet performance, schedule and budget requirements for our clients.

When it comes to connectivity, Cardinal Peak has devoted years to implementing familiar standards like LTE, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi as well as less familiar standards like Ultra-Wideband and LoRa. For truly unique wireless applications, Cardinal Peak has helped customers design, model and implement proprietary waveforms built atop software-defined radios. We routinely help with hardware, embedded software, custom antennas, regulatory certification and end-to-end testing.

Cardinal Peak’s DSP architects are ready to support any stage of development, from preliminary block diagrams to high-level modeling in tools like Matlab and Python, to implementing algorithms in constrained environments, including FPGAs, dedicated DSPs and general purpose processors.

Signal Processing Experience

As one of the top digital signal processing engineering firms, Cardinal Peak provides innovative DSP contract engineering as illustrated in the projects below. If you’re looking for a DSP engineering firm to partner with, contact us to talk with our DSP design consultants.

FPGA Capabilities and Design Experience

FPGA fabric is infinitely configurable, able to perform virtually any function with extremely high throughput. We are skilled in FPGA design and implementation. Learn about some of our recent aerospace and pro-audio projects, using Xilinx, Intel, Microsemi Libero, and Honeywell components.

Audio Filtering in a Noisy Environment

Audio is an integral part of many systems, but unfortunately it is often corrupted with noise. This is especially true in systems that use a microphone in a noisy environment. One of our clients confronted a particularly noisy environment and asked us to …

Set-top Box (STB) Big Data

For organizations with an existing large user base, setting up a big data system involves many challenges. One difficulty is how to collect the data itself, when existing customer devices may be old and not have the necessary remote update capabilities …