Expertise for engineering the products of tomorrow

Audio. Video. IoT. Embedded solutions. Cloud transformation. Security. Put simply: we are experts in leading-edge connected product design and all the elements critical to success. Our transparent end-to-end processes have been refined over more than 800 projects and with the leading industry partner solutions. Cardinal Peak brings together senior-level development, testing and ongoing QA and support professionals on a single expert team.

When you hire Cardinal Peak, you won’t risk your project to a team that’s doing it for the first time. Our industry expertise, solutions and processes are time-tested and tailored to your unique needs, keeping you informed throughout the entire operation — from ideation through commercialization and ongoing support.

Cardinal Peak has collaborated with clients to conceive, develop, launch and support hundreds of innovative best-in-class projects in a number of key areas, including:


From consumer-facing apps to software to final product design, Cardinal Peak has helped develop dozens of industry-leading products in this ever-growing market.

Connected Devices & IoT

With an expected 20 billion connected devices on the market by next year, count on Cardinal Peak for expertise in communications protocols, security standards, data collection and analytics.

User Experience

From the concept to the final product, we collaborate with our clients to imagine revolutionary new functionalities and user experiences.


Cardinal Peak is an Amazon-approved Alexa Voice Services (AVS) systems integration partner, so we can help your product work with the expected 20 billion connected devices debuting on the market by next year.

Signal Processing

Cardinal Peak recognizes the value countless products derive from information processing, and a multitude of other non-networked products depend on algorithms for optimal functionality.


Whether 3D audio cues layered into navigation applications, innovative presentation overlays to guide user interaction or full-on immersive VR gaming worlds, AR and VR are transforming the products of the future.

Cloud Transformation

Cardinal Peak can safely and securely engineer centralized data repositories so end users can interact with their system and data from anywhere at any time with no synchronization issues.


Striking a balance between user-friendly and secure requires a thoughtful balance of technology with a deep understanding of the tolerances of the target market.