Audio & Video Streaming Architecture

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More than 60% of U.S. adults currently subscribe to at least one streaming media service, and more are coming to market every day. Further, consumers expect their content on anything from a smartphone to a 65-inch, 4K screen with connectivity ranging from 1Gbs service to two bars of coverage while driving. With a greater depth of content choices — including VR and AR — coming to the mainstream, networks and devices will continue to be challenged to meet consumer demands. Sophisticated processing occurs in products at every step of the path from media generation to consumption. Our expertise, relevant to audio and video streaming architecture, includes embedded hardware/software, DSP, cloud/mobile infrastructure, encoding/decoding and playback are essential for success.

Cardinal Peak has worked in the cable and video industry for decades and brings the solid base of experience to ensuring your customers have the best possible experience.

A/V Streaming Service Development Experience

From VOD Development to OTT software development to STB software development, Cardinal Peak works with a wide range of video streaming architectures including the projects below. If you’re looking for a partner to help with a video streaming service development or audio streaming app development, contact us.

Set-top Box (STB) Big Data

For organizations with an existing large user base, setting up a big data system involves many challenges. One difficulty is how to collect the data itself, when existing customer devices may be old and not have the necessary remote update capabilities …

Yonder Music Service

Yonder is a music streaming service similar to Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music, but with a variation on the subscription business model – instead of monthly payments, music streaming is bundled with the sale of a mobile device or a data plan.