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AI ML at the edge blog
Edge AI Vs. AI In the Cloud

From reducing cloud costs to improving security and response, developing ML/AI at the edge applications delivers numerous advantages. Despite the many similarities between edge AI and cloud AI, understanding the differences can help to determine which approach is best for your application.

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What to Do with 52+ Week Lead-Time Quotes

While it’s exciting to see the economy springing back to life, it appears some springs were wound a little too tight. Eye-popping 52+ week lead times on parts are inspiring customers to update designs using different components.

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Using LoRa for Long-range Connected Device Engineering

We design a lot of connected products including Bluetooth/BLE, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Thread, Z-Wave, Decawave, as well as custom-designed software defined radios (SDR). For products that need long range (multi-mile) communication, LoRa might be the right solution.

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