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Designing Wireless Earbuds & Headphones with Qualcomm Parts Our wireless headphone and earbud design and development empowered a leading audio lifestyle brand with state-of-the-art Bluetooth headphones utilizing new immersive experience-enhancing technology.
UX Design & App Development for A Connected Beauty Device Leveraging deep UX design, mobile app development, Bluetooth, cloud and system testing experience, Cardinal Peak provided product design services for a connected beauty device. The result was an award-winning mobile application that improves the user experience…
Designing a Personalized HLS Streaming Platform We designed and developed a personalized HLS streaming platform utilizing traditional job queue, priority queue and stream data models to drive media streaming app growth with personalization.
Minimizing Downtime & IT Burden with Cloud-Connected Lab Instruments This case study delves into how a leading life sciences company leveraged cloud-connected lab instruments to minimize downtime and reduce the IT management burden.
Video-On-Demand Implementation with Infrastructure as Code & DevOps Our DevOps services bolstered our client’s video-on-demand product infrastructure management, including implementing Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD, resulting in more entertainment options for their subscribers.
Case Study: Developing a Proprietary Next-Gen Streaming Media Platform We designed and developed a proprietary streaming media platform including a containerized service to handle all aspects of media ingest, ad insertion, transcoding, metadata processing and recording to cloud storage.
Voice Enabled Smart Home Automation Leveraging deep audio expertise, our engineers designed a smart home automation tablet with Alexa voice capabilities, video intercom and audio alerts. In addition to the audio path state management, our team developed the embedded software…
Connected IoT and Smart Home Product Designs Cardinal Peak has been developing connected products for almost two decades. Our engineer shares smart home product design challenges and FAQs for designing IoT products, to help you chart your product’s development.
Engineering a True Wireless Earbud System True wireless earbuds require two independent Bluetooth buds, a smart case and multiple sensors to connect and communicate effectively. Our engineer explains how an extensible two-domain state manager solves many of the Bluetooth product design challenges.
Video System Design for Police Radar Product We upgraded a radar product used in police vehicles in order to add a multithreaded video system with GPS location, time stamp, security, and safety features.
Preparing Legacy Software for Future Platform Growth Leveraging software processes that have been refined over hundreds of projects, we helped our client get to a new level of continuous integration with a complete CI/CD process that increases productivity.
Medical Imaging Device Engineering Low latency and high resolution are critical attributes for ultrasound imaging. We developed embedded software including video processing for a portable ultrasound imaging device.
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