As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner with skills in hardware development, embedded software, cloud and mobile applications, we are the experts in AWS IoT Consulting and product engineering services. The projects below showcase our product design services leveraging AWS, AWS IoT Core, AWS Kinesis Video and Alexa Voice Services. If you are looking for an AWS consulting partner, reach out today.

Modernizing FeedbackNow by Forrester Architecture, Boosting Scalability and Reliability with AWS Forrester faced ongoing instability and increasing maintenance costs due to FeedbackNow’s outdated infrastructure. We fully rebuilt FeedbackNow on AWS using containers, serverless technologies and managed databases to achieve a robust, cost-efficient architecture.
Developing an Amazon Kinesis-Powered Cat Detector: An Edge Machine Learning Case Study This case study reveals the secret to outsmarting mischievous feline antics with our innovative cat detector powered by Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, AWS IoT Greengrass and machine learning.
Designing a Personalized HLS Streaming Platform We designed and developed a personalized HLS streaming platform utilizing traditional job queue, priority queue and stream data models to drive media streaming app growth with personalization.
Minimizing Downtime & IT Burden with Cloud-Connected Lab Instruments This case study delves into how a leading life sciences company leveraged cloud-connected lab instruments to minimize downtime and reduce the IT management burden.
Scalable Video Cloud Service using Web Sockets A major cable/satellite TV provider approached us to implement a new video service as an expansion to their emerging home security product line.
Case Study: Developing Yonder Streaming Music Service Yonder is a music streaming service similar to Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music, but with a variation on the subscription business model – instead of monthly payments, music streaming is bundled with the sale of a mobile device or a data plan.
Case Study: Designing Clip Interactive Radio Designing an interactive radio experience required skills in hardware and embedded firmware, cloud services and mobile app development – a perfect match for Cardinal Peak’s engineers.
Case Study: HIPAA compliant VMS and App Development “I knew immediately how inefficient it was for physicians and their staffs to have the same conversation over and over again. I realized that a better, more efficient process would involve a video of doctor/patient consultations.”