From integrated video designed to operate in the high vibration environment of vehicles through improving car audio, Cardinal Peak has broad range of automotive experience. Our automotive audio engineering team routinely provides DSP optimizations for automotive systems such as amplifier units. We work on a range of automotive audio developments from voice assistants and hand-free controls to noise cancellation. If you need support for an automotive audio design or automotive software development, please contact us.

Video System Design for Police Radar Product We upgraded a radar product used in police vehicles in order to add a multithreaded video system with GPS location, time stamp, security, and safety features.
Audio Filtering in a Noisy Environment Audio is an integral part of many systems, but unfortunately it is often corrupted with noise. This is especially true in systems that use a microphone in a noisy environment. One of our clients confronted a particularly noisy environment and asked us to …
Voice activated VPA for the Car Using Qualcomm’s Bluetooth components, our engineers developed a small, battery-powered, after-market device to provide a hands-free virtual personal assistant in the car. It works with iOS and Android, Alexa or ok-Google, and includes noise reduction.