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UX Design & App Development for A Connected Beauty Device Leveraging deep UX design, mobile app development, Bluetooth, cloud and system testing experience, Cardinal Peak provided product design services for a connected beauty device. The result was an award-winning mobile application that improves the user experience…
Designing a Personalized HLS Streaming Platform We designed and developed a personalized HLS streaming platform utilizing traditional job queue, priority queue and stream data models to drive media streaming app growth with personalization.
Minimizing Downtime & IT Burden with Cloud-Connected Lab Instruments This case study delves into how a leading life sciences company leveraged cloud-connected lab instruments to minimize downtime and reduce the IT management burden.
Case Study: Developing a Proprietary Next-Gen Streaming Media Platform We designed and developed a proprietary streaming media platform including a containerized service to handle all aspects of media ingest, ad insertion, transcoding, metadata processing and recording to cloud storage.
Scalable Video Cloud Service using Web Sockets A major cable/satellite TV provider approached us to implement a new video service as an expansion to their emerging home security product line.
Case Study: Developing Yonder Streaming Music Service Yonder is a music streaming service similar to Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music, but with a variation on the subscription business model – instead of monthly payments, music streaming is bundled with the sale of a mobile device or a data plan.
Case Study: Designing Clip Interactive Radio Designing an interactive radio experience required skills in hardware and embedded firmware, cloud services and mobile app development – a perfect match for Cardinal Peak’s engineers.
Case Study: HIPAA compliant VMS and App Development “I knew immediately how inefficient it was for physicians and their staffs to have the same conversation over and over again. I realized that a better, more efficient process would involve a video of doctor/patient consultations.”