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As an Amazon-approved System Integrator for Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA), Cardinal Peak helps device makers easily integrate Alexa into connected products. Our experience designing Alexa-enabled products reduces your development risk and helps you get your products to market faster.

End-to-end Voice Solution Leader

Amazon Alexa We provide contract engineering services to integrate Alexa into audio, video, IoT and security products. Our engineers work with customers to enable products to leverage Amazon’s robust ecosystem, including Alexa Smart Home Skills development, Alexa Voice Service, the Alexa Mobile Accessory SDK and more. Cardinal Peak was there when Alexa launched and continues to lead in end-to-end voice solutions.

Through our experience voice-enabling a variety of products, we’ve developed deep relationships with companies that provide additional IP to enhance and differentiate your device’s voice solution. Some of these relationships include DSP Concepts, Sensory, Syntiant and others. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we will help you select and implement the optimum solution for your product.

If you have an audio, video, IoT or security product that you would like to connect to Alexa Voice Service, we are the lowest-risk and fastest choice for engineering services to deliver your product to market. Learn more about our AWS IoT Core expertise here.

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Alexa Enabled Product Experience

We have helped Tier 1 brands develop their voice activated hearable products. We are currently developing a multi-voice assistant for a truly wireless earbud product for a start-up and helping lead the charge with Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative (VII). For a major home security/home control company we added Alexa control to their touch screen hubs. These are just a few examples of our Alexa work to date. Please contact us to learn more.

We are an AWS Select tier consulting partner, experienced in the full stack of IoT development, including voice UX design, hardware and firmware engineering, mobile app development and cloud integration. Our broad expertise positions us to help with the development of the firmware around AVS and AMA, as well as any area of product engineering. Companies of all sizes rely on Cardinal Peak as a trusted partner to deliver fast, reliable engineering designs for connected devices.

Want to learn more about the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS)? Visit the AVS Developer Portal.