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Leveraging extensive experience with connected device engineering and IoT app development, Cardinal Peak empowers clients with the ability to quickly design products that seamlessly integrate with mobile applications and cloud systems. By their nature, connected devices are complex systems requiring detailed knowledge of communications protocols, security standards, data collection, edge AI/ML and analytics. As many connected products are high volume, designing to minimize both the device BOM and the long-term cloud costs is crucial. Our team understands those requirements and possesses the skills and experience necessary to develop devices capable of thriving in today’s networked ecosystems.

Our deep IoT engineering expertise ensures your connected product will be both intuitive to set up and use while remaining secure. We have worked with major IoT platforms and component suppliers, and our experience can help you reduce both cost and time to market.

Our Case Studies: Connected Device Engineering

As a top connected device engineering company, Cardinal Peak supports innovative connected product development, including the projects below. If you’re looking for a partner to help with engineering connected devices, including connectivity, cloud, edge AI/ML, and IoT app development, contact us today.

FAQs About Connected Device Development

What is a connected device?

Connected devices are wireless devices that communicate with other devices and systems via the internet. Devices that connect to the internet are often referred to as IoT devices or connected devices. A device that only connects to a smartphone, however, is a connected device but not an IoT device.

What is an IoT platform?

IoT platforms are fundamentally cloud applications that manage IoT networks. As many IoT products are similar, it is possible to design a one-size-fits-all cloud platform that is suitable for a range of IoT products. Instead of paying the nonrecurring engineering costs to develop a custom cloud application, manufacturers can engage the IoT platform company using a SaaS model. Often the platform provider can provide white-labeled apps or other value-add components. Each IoT platform is designed to accommodate certain classes of products, so if your product grows to include capabilities outside of the IoT platform, you may face the difficult challenge of separating your business from the platform provider. For this reason, we recommend that you think about your product roadmap and where it will lead before shopping for an IoT platform. If your product is highly differentiated, then Amazon IoT or Microsoft Azure IoT could be better solutions. We have deep experience with a range of IoT platforms, so feel free to reach out if you need help in finding the right cloud solution for your IoT system.

What is connected device engineering?

The engineering development process for connected devices and IoT devices are comparable.

The first step in all product design is envisioning the value proposition of the product (ideation) and documenting the features that need to be implemented (the requirements). When engineering a connected product, the first step is to identify the data that needs to be collected, processed and displayed so that the wireless interface(s) can be described. With a good interface description, device and application development can proceed in parallel as engineers work to the API (application programming interface). As features are implemented, the system begins undergoing regular QA testing for each new feature and regression testing for previously developed features. Once complete, testing expands to alpha testing (“friends and family”) then beta testing (small set of customers), and any manufacturing test and configuration tools are prepared. Finally, the product is released. As widespread user data comes back and the marketing team sees what resonates with customers, features are added or tweaked and pushed out through over-the-air (OTA) updates.

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