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Today’s cars have more lines of code than the spacecraft used for the Apollo missions. If that’s not complicated enough, connected vehicles are already being tasked with communicating location and mechanical status and will soon report on road and weather conditions. Just on the horizon, autonomous vehicles are rapidly moving from experiments to fellow travelers. The move to 5G only accelerates these advances.

Cardinal Peak’s experience in not only automotive, but security, A/V, robotics and more ensures your project will benefit from years of direct and related experience. Our experience across hardware, software and connected device design makes Cardinal Peak uniquely qualified to address leading-edge transportation projects.

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From highly integrated video systems designed to operate in the high vibration environment of vehicles through improving car audio, Cardinal Peak has broad range of automotive experience. Our automotive audio engineering team routinely provides DSP optimizations for automotive systems such as amplifier units. We work on a range of automotive audio developments from voice assistants and hand-free controls to noise cancellation. If you need support for an automotive audio design or automotive software development, please contact us.

Automotive Electronics Design Services FAQs

What are Some Automotive Digital Signal Processing Applications?

While we have familiarity with AUTOSAR and various automotive communications protocols, the majority of our automotive work has been centered around optimizing the audio experience. Our work includes using DSPs to process the multitude of audio signals in a modern car for tuning the audio for the car cabin and providing the optimum glitch-free listening experience, while minimizing BOM expense. This work also includes beam forming, echo cancellation, and other processing of microphone array data as part of cabin noise reduction systems or to improve hands-free call quality. If you are developing an audio product in the automotive space, please reach out to us.

Why Use an Automotive Software Development Company?

The advantages of outsourcing to automotive software development companies include bringing the right technical experience to bear on a given project or scaling the team to meet schedule. Whether you want us to develop a complete subsystem to offload your management team or just need a few of our engineers to augment your internal team, Cardinal Peak is here to help.

What Do Your Automotive Electronics Solutions & Design Services Include?

Beyond the audio experience in the car, Cardinal Peak has extensive experience developing custom video solutions for automotive applications. The work leverages our long video product development history. For one automotive application we developed a rugged, tamper-proof, video recording system for police cars. As video systems in vehicles are growing exponentially with video back-up system, video rearview mirrors, and 360 video systems, our video experience is more pertinent than ever in the automotive industry. If you’re in search of video system design companies for automotive applications, contact us to see how we can help.

Automotive Audio & Video Engineering Resources

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