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analog devices 1 wire sensor prototype Designing a 1-Wire Sensor Prototype: 1-Wire To Rule Them All Curious about what building a product with 1-Wire from the ground up is like? This educational post shares our engineer’s firsthand account of creating a proof-of-concept prototype leveraging 1-Wire’s capabilities for simplicity, versatility and efficiency to rapidly develop a low-power temperature sensor. Details
CSIS podcast on Remote Surveillance Camera design Our Remote Surveillance Camera Innovations Highlighted on Recent Podcast The future of investigative surveillance is now. Join us as our client Dan Coleman of Creative Solutions Investigative Services discusses rewriting the rules of surveillance technology on the Revenue Fuel podcast. Details
Promise — and Challenge — of Generative AI in Database Analysis The Promise — and Challenge — of Generative AI in Database Analysis Generative AI offers new capabilities for database analysis but integrating the innovative technology into products remains difficult. In this blog post, our engineering experts dive into the promise and pitfalls of building products harnessing generative AI for database analysis. Details
aws sidewalk smoke detector prototype How to Build Amazon Sidewalk Devices with a Dev Kit Amazon Sidewalk integration offers many benefits within a broader smart home ecosystem. Our engineers designed a prototype for an Amazon Sidewalk-connected smart smoke detector using the Sidewalk Dev Kit from our partner Silicon Labs. Details
Matter Specification How the Matter Smart Home Standard Works Matter Specification: How the Matter Smart Home Standard Works In our comprehensive exploration of the Matter smart home standard, we unravel the intricate mechanics opening the door to a new era of smart home living. Details
matter logo Diving Into the Matter Protocol: Developing a Matter Smart Home Device Our engineer explores Matter, the smart home standard shaping the future of interconnectivity. Learn why this new standard is necessary and how to build a Matter device. Details
Digital Signal Processing Services in Big Data Analysis Accelerating Data Insights: Digital Signal Processing Services in Big Data Analysis In an era driven by data, understanding the intricate relationship between big data and digital signal processing is crucial. This blog post delves into how DSP techniques transform how we analyze vast datasets, enabling organizations to make more informed decisions and gain valuable insights. Details
software bill of materials SBOM (Software Bill of Materials): Strengthening Security through Software Transparency Learn how an SBOM — or software bill of materials — enhances software security, manages supply chain risks and boosts digital product integrity. Details
Designing Auracast Audio Products Designing Auracast Products, the Future of Bluetooth Broadcast Audio Auracast broadcast audio is transforming the way we share and enjoy sound. Join our audio product engineering expert as we delve into the Bluetooth technologies’ capabilities, implications and real-world applications in the future of audio. Details
Embedded Software Development Process and FAQs Embedded Software Engineering Services: Empowering Hardware-Software Integration Why should you embark on an embedded software journey? Discover why understanding embedded software engineering services opens the door to a world of innovation and opportunity. Details
Colored sound wave on a black background, with pulses of blue green and red colors. Bright sound waves. Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratios: How DSP Services Boost Signal Quality Dive into the world of signal quality optimization! This blog post from our digital signal processing services team discusses how DSP solutions can help you achieve precision and reliability. Details
amazon sidewalk panel at silicon labs works with Amazon Sidewalk Expert On Silicon Labs’ Works With Panel Connectivity is essential in our digital world. Amazon Sidewalk offers an innovative approach to building a ubiquitous network for the Internet of Things. Learn more from our expert in this blog post recapping a recent Silicon Labs panel discussion. Details
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