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testrail screenshot Why We Use TestRail for Software Testing Software testing in the real world can be challenging. Ahead of an upcoming webinar, our director of QA engineering discusses why we use TestRail for our test case management at Cardinal Peak. Details
queuing service overview figure Choosing a Queuing Service — Part I From what a queue is to different types of queues, our engineering expert details why choosing a queue requires careful consideration in part one of this blog series. Details
How To: Cardinal Peak’s Amazon Alexa Design Guide Adding Alexa functionality to your product is no simple task. From connectivity, acoustics and mechanical design to power, UX and the environment in which the device will be used, there are myriad steps and considerations in the Amazon Alexa design process. Details
Bluetooth LE Security and Privacy in Wireless Audio Devices What is Bluetooth Low Energy and What are the Advantages? The Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE or BLE) communication protocol was introduced in the 2010s as a lower power consumption alternative to the original Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) protocol (also called classic Bluetooth). Details
How To Overcome Machine Learning Model Training Challenges Struggling to overcome machine learning model training challenges? Check out this post for tips and tricks from our engineering experts. Details
How To Train Machine Learning Models Training a machine learning model? In this post, our expert engineer details what all is required to effectively train a machine learning model and details some best practices for effectively training machine learning models. Details
Cardinal Peak logo placeholder What is BLE, and How Do its Related GAP and GATT Profiles Work? Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or LE) is a wireless network technology that uses the same frequency bandwidth as classic Bluetooth but with a different modulation strategy. BLE was designed for low energy and low cost and has been expanded for LE Audio. Our engineer explains BLE and its related GAP and GATT profiles. Details
Cardinal Peak logo placeholder How Bluetooth is Used for Digital Contact Tracing Digital Contact Tracing and Exposure Notification apps provide a hands-on exploration of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, GAP & GATT. Our engineer compares multiple Linux BLE Sniffing Tools including Hcitool, Bluetoothctl, Hcidump and Gatttool. Details
Howdy Pierce What is FreeRTOS? FreeRTOS is a wonderful choice for a whole class of small embedded devices. Whether discussing its simplicity and ubiquity or its small size and open-source nature, the real-time operating system aspect is actually the least interesting thing about FreeRTOS. Details
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