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Embedded Software Development Process and FAQs Embedded Software Engineering Services: Empowering Hardware-Software Integration Why should you embark on an embedded software journey? Discover why understanding embedded software engineering services opens the door to a world of innovation and opportunity. Details
amazon sidewalk panel at silicon labs works with Amazon Sidewalk Expert On Silicon Labs’ Works With Panel Connectivity is essential in our digital world. Amazon Sidewalk offers an innovative approach to building a ubiquitous network for the Internet of Things. Learn more from our expert in this blog post recapping a recent Silicon Labs panel discussion. Details
QA testing tools The Power of QA Testing Tools in Product Development This post from our expert quality assurance team dives into different testing methodologies and highlights some of the more common QA testing tools we utilize to help clients bring outstanding innovations to life. Details
DevOps Advantages and DevOps Challenges The Advantages of DevOps and Overcoming DevOps Challenges One of the advantages of DevOps is that it allows you to deploy code updates with minimal risk. But are there disadvantages of DevOps? In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of DevOps and whether or not you should use it in your next project. Details
Amazon Sidewalk test kit demo Pounding the Pavement with Amazon Sidewalk Our embedded software engineer demos the Amazon Sidewalk Test Kit and Silicon Labs Sidewalk Pro Kit, discussing their experience and potential use cases for Amazon Sidewalk devices. Details
TinyML is where Machine Learning and Embedded Software meet Harnessing TinyML to Revolutionize IoT Development Exploring TinyML: From quality control to energy optimization, embedded machine learning at the edge provides numerous benefits. Discover the benefits, applications, tools and technologies to get started. Details
A2B Technology for Fault Detection on Automated Equipment Blog The Future of Fault Detection: A2B Technology for Automated Equipment Discover how A2B technology is transforming the future of fault detection in automated equipment, from agriculture to health care to IIoT and beyond. Learn how this innovative solution helps organizations unlock more effective fault detection. Details
Digital Video Product Design Expert Ben Mesander thumbnail Video Expert Ben Mesander Rejoins Cardinal Peak and Shares Video Product Design Trends Cardinal Peak is ecstatic that Ben Mesander is rejoining its team as a director of application engineering. Leveraging a rare understanding of complex video and image processing technologies, Ben leverages more than 30 years of engineering experience to solve the most complex challenges with creativity. Details
7 considerations for scaling streaming media applications From Small Screen to Big Time: Scaling Your Streaming Media App for Success Without proper scaling of streaming media apps, users may suffer through slow or interrupted playback — resulting in a subpar user experience, lost revenue and missed growth opportunities. Details
cloud monitoring tools for application observability Cloud Application Observability: Comparing 3 Cloud Monitoring Tools The second post in our cloud application observability series compares different cloud monitoring tools to help readers determine the correct choice for their cloud project. This article focuses on three particular packages: Datadog, Prometheus and Grafana. Details
basic cloud monitoring stack blog A Guide to Application Observability with Metrics & Cloud Monitoring Tools Our engineer shares the capabilities and data flows of common off-the-shelf cloud metrics and cloud monitoring tools – exploring the best way to implement raw data from an app’s services into meaningful dashboards and alerts. Details
esp rainmaker logo IoT Vendor Espressif is Making Waves with RainMaker RainMaker is a suite of tools and services that simplifies the process of developing and deploying IoT applications. Designed to work with Espressif ESP32, it includes an SDK, mobile app, voice integration and analytics. In this blog post, our engineer shares an overview of RainMaker and answers FAQs around cost, data ownership and customization. Details
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