How Katalon Studio Makes Test Automation Easier Katalon takes the need for learning to program or even the complicated setup of all the tools needed to run a test script and throws it all in a one-stop shop that can be picked up by anyone of any technical skill level in short order to create automation.
Meet Embedded Device Security Webinar Panelist Josh Datko Josh Datko is the founder of Cryptotronix, co-founder of Keylabs, Inc. and a panelist on our July 15th end-to-end product security webinar. Get to know Josh and register to hear advice for building security into every aspect of an embedded device.
What is the Weakest Link in Your IoT Product Security Chain? Even the simplest connected device provides a broad range of attack surfaces. Weak security can result in a compromised product, exposed data, downtime and significant damage to a company’s reputation.
The Engineering Savings and Performance Benefits Amazon Kinesis Delivers It used to be that storing and retrieving vast amounts of video data was quite challenging. Now, Amazon Kinesis Video offers capabilities to cost-effectively process streaming data at any scale, completely simplifying video and audio data storage.
Why Should You Use a Third-Party IoT Platform? These days many companies are looking to IoT to enable their products. In the case of commoditized items, some see an opportunity to differentiate themselves and increase their margins; and with the help of some good marketing, may convince people that they need a smart kettle to get the water boiling 5 minutes before they… View Article
Google I/O Rundown Here’s a quick rundown from a tech perspective of what Google announced last week at its I/O conference: Google bases most of its service model on artificial intelligence (AI). In this year’s I/O, they announced some really cool new data-center clusters called Tensor Processing Units (TPUs): huge, heavy-duty number-crunching machines that each provide up… View Article
Security Best Practices: From IoT to HIPAA A couple weeks ago, Kevin Gross posted about the myth of a hacker-proof IoT. His post gave a great high-level overview of ways to make the IoT as secure as possible, and it got me thinking about some more in-depth methods for attempting to attain the security we crave in the IoT industry, especially where… View Article
The Myth of a Hacker-Proof IoT I was recently invited to give a presentation on security for Internet of Things networking at infocomm 16. While I discussed the topic and scope with the organizers, I didn’t have a good catchy title prepared, so the organizers took it upon themselves to submit one for me: “Hacker-Proof IoT.” Easy, right? While I would… View Article
We Need a Better Way to Lock the Doors Another day, another public hack: Today we learned that a “cyber-espionage operation” has used a previously unknown flaw in Adobe Flash to gain information from NATO governments and others. And also 87% of Android devices are vulnerable to numerous known hacks because there’s no good business model to distribute patches on that platform. That’s just… View Article
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