Meet Embedded Device Security Webinar Panelist Josh Datko

Josh DatkoWith an ever-increasing number of connected devices and apps, embedded device security is more critical than ever. Even the simplest IoT products and embedded devices provide a broad range of attack surfaces. Don’t take chances! Register for our July 15th webinar: End-to-End Security for IoT Product Design as we discuss IoT product security options and trade-offs.

Experts from three cybersecurity and engineering companies will share their advice for building security into every aspect of project development — from architecture through the complete product life cycle. This blog introduces Josh Datko, who will be joined on the webinar discussion by Howdy Pierce, Cardinal Peak co-founder and chairman and Trent Hein, co-founder of enterprise cyber-security firm Rule4.

Josh Datko is a security and systems engineer specializing in embedded systems development. Additionally, he is a proven leader in both corporate and military organizations, having started his training at the U.S. Naval Academy where he graduated in the top 10%. He also completed the highly selective Trident Scholar program.

He is now best known as an embedded systems security architect and security researcher. He has presented talks at DEF CON in 2014 and 2017, HOPE, Blackhat, CCC, Torcon and others. Since 2013, Josh has been the principal engineer and founder of Cryptotronix, an embedded security consultancy and contracting firm. In 2019, after the well-received talk, he co-founded Keylabs Inc., a blockchain security company, in addition to Cryptotronix.

Cryptotronix is a niche contracting and consultancy firm specializing in embedded device security design and development. Cryptotronix and its staff of engineers help clients build and secure embedded products. Recently, they delivered an online hardware security training that details how to enable secure boot and cryptographic coprocessors. The Quartermaster is their latest device that helps teams secure their own products through the entire development life cycle.

Prior to founding Cryptotronix, Josh circumnavigated the globe on a submarine during his 10-year career with the United States Navy.

Check out these videos to see Josh in action and gain embedded systems security insight.

Chip.Fail — Glitching the Silicon of the Connected World, Black Hat USA 2019

This presentation looks at fault injection attacks on some of the most popular IoT processors. — Chaos Communication Congress (35C3)

This talk looks at how to break the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets, including uncovering architectural, physical, hardware, software and firmware vulnerabilities.

Breaking Bitcoin Hardware Wallets — DEF CON 25

This presentation covers bitcoin security, private keys and vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious attacker to gain access to funds.


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