Leveraging STMicroelectronics Solutions for Product Development

st microprocessor iconSTMicro Design PartnerAs an official ST Authorized Partner, Cardinal Peak accelerates your product development with end-to-end design services. We are trusted advisors, leveraging deep experience in audio, video, voice, hardware, embedded software and cloud, along with a proven approach and a laser focus on the end goal.

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STMicro Design Partner

Cardinal Peak joined the ST Micro Partner Program to support customers’ critical design and engineering projects, providing expertise in engineering services and STMicroelectronics parts and tools. Our processes have been refined over the last 20 years with more than 300 clients to develop connected IoT, audio, video, security and medical products.


STMicro Product Consulting

Since 2002, Cardinal Peak has provided engineering services for a multitude of projects leveraging STMicroelectronics processors, parts and tools. Many of the products we design for clients use the STM32 microcontrollers. Some examples of these ST projects are shared below.

Wi-Fi Door Lock Engineering Wi-Fi Water Filter Product Design Connected Fragrance Dispenser Design


Communication & Wearables

  • Military grade communications system with a helmet and a wearable using an ST Microprocessor – The solution includes headphones, microphones, automatic noise cancellation (ANC) and a chest pendant for additional communication and data collection.

Smart Home Devices

  • Wi-Fi door lock using STM32 processor – The device includes capacitive touch and near field communication (NFC). We developed the embedded hardware and software, as well as the BLE PCB and RF design.
  • Culligan Wi-Fi Water Filter using STM 32 – The smart water filter system logs use and notifies when the filter needs to be replaced. The project included electronic hardware and PCB design, embedded software development, a mobile app and QA testing.

Consumer Products

Motor Controls

  • We’ve provided hardware and embedded design for multiple motor and converter topologies, including brush/brushless DC, synchronous machines, induction machines and steppers. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of control strategies and algorithms for motors in sensorless and sensor-based configurations and work on projects with power levels ranging from low W to 100kW for automotive, medical, robotics and other applications.
  • For a medical surgery device, developed embedded software on an STM32 including a small motor.

AI & ML at the Edge

  • Prototype for face recognition and sentiment analysis using an STM32H743II ARM Cortex M7 processor running at 480 MHz with 32MBs SDRAM on board. The board is OpenMV Cam H7 Plus and the project uses a TFLite model and compresses it using ST’s CubeAI to make models more efficient.


STMicro Partner Design Services

We became an ST partner because of our experience with hardware and firmware design for multiple motor and converter topologies. Our team has extensive knowledge of control strategies and algorithms for these motors in sensorless and sensor-based configurations with power levels ranging from low W to 100kW.

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