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While digital security grabs the headlines, traditional, physical security and safety remain critical in both our homes and workplaces. In fact, the physical security market is more than $130 billion annually, with video surveillance exceeding $10 billion alone. The need for fast and efficient, yet secure, access control is increasing, and even drones are now a part of the security and response arsenal.

Cardinal Peak’s team has professional security engineering experience in every security touchpoint, from sensors and video capture to automated image analysis, security software engineering services and cloud storage. We have developed custom VMS integrations along with mobile apps for security professionals and end users. The Cardinal Peak team has helped many companies develop and complete security projects to help keep homes and offices — and the people inside — secure.


Our Case Studies: Security Engineering Services

As one of the top security industry engineering firms, Cardinal Peak’s security engineering services span access control software engineering to custom Video Management Systems (VMS) as seen in the projects below. If you’re looking for security engineering services, please contact us.

FAQs About Our Physical Security Product Development

What kind of security engineering services do you provide?

At Cardinal Peak we help develop products to expand our clients’ physical security product offerings, whether for enterprise level access control solutions or for home security. We can develop any part of your system from 1) the embedded sensors, locks, and control panels at portals, through 2) the back-office or cloud server applications, to 3) client or end-user apps. We have developed apps for security professionals that allow them to manage all aspects of the access control system from a smartphone while being mobile. Similarly, we have developed apps for end-users that allow their smartphone to be used as their badge and provide other value-add features such as escort requests and mustering in the event of evacuation. Additionally, we have developed multiple battery-powered Wi-Fi locks. Whether embedded, server, or mobile we have an experienced team that can help with your product. Contact us and schedule a consultation to learn more about the security engineering services we provide and how they can help you today.

What type of custom VMS integrations have you done in the access control market?

Cardinal Peak has deep experience in all aspects of video management system design including those tailored for the physical security and access control markets. We develop video management systems (VMS) for collecting, processing, interpreting, storing, and distributing video streams. For one client, we developed a cloud-based system for monitoring multiple video feeds from thousands of convenience stores. For a different client, we helped developed an innovative and highly intuitive display system for viewing large numbers of video streams in a “wall of video.” For another client, we developed a smartphone app for security professionals with extensive video monitoring capabilities. The app freed operators from sitting in a control center watching video monitors by providing intelligent alarming with a complete video review system all in the palm of their hand. Like everything we develop, our client’s own all the IP for the custom VMS systems we develop for them. If you are looking to create a VMS as part of your product offering, please contact us.

What type of physical security and access control software engineering do you provide?

As an end-to-end product development company, we help physical security and access control companies develop their products. We support embedded devices used in your typical access control systems such as Wi-Fi locks, cameras, and badge readers. We develop back-office or cloud-based server software that provides all the business logic for a security system. We have the skills to develop client and end-user applications for interacting with the physical security system. We also provide end-to-end QA and penetration testing. If you want to expand your physical security product line, contact us to see how we can speed your development schedule.

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