The Engineering Savings and Performance Benefits Amazon Kinesis Delivers It used to be that storing and retrieving vast amounts of video data was quite challenging. Now, Amazon Kinesis Video offers capabilities to cost-effectively process streaming data at any scale, completely simplifying video and audio data storage.
Keeping It All in Sync: Part Two Earlier this week, I wrote about the importance of synching audio and video, something that we use in many applications. We’ve already discussed why it’s necessary, and today I want to talk about the different ways to do it, some easier than others. Adjust the Video The most common and easiest way to correct for… View Article
Keeping It All in Sync: Part One These days, we employ audio and video applications in everything from IoT to embedded products, and one challenge that comes up time and time again is synchronization. Synchronization between audio and video streams is the most common case, but some applications require synchronization between multiple A/V streams, the latter being much more complicated. For the… View Article
How to Setup GStreamer for Windows: A Guide GStreamer is a very good open source multimedia framework supported on almost every platform conceivable. To use advanced features of GStreamer in Windows, we updated the complex legacy instructions for building GStreamer-1.0 (1.8.0) on Windows.
Your Phone’s for Footballin’: Compression Efficiency Matters Again It’s likely that delivery efficiency is going to get more important in the future.
Television’s Six Eras In order to explain the history of how people consume entertainment video, we worked up the following infographic: It’s also available as a PDF. Hope you enjoy it.
EE Times: How to Build Video Devices for the IoT I’ve got a new blog post up at EE Times, talking about how to build video devices for the Internet of Things: Video cameras are uniquely compelling sensors because vision is our dominant sense. Video is invaluable for applications such as license plate recognition, robot navigation, and quality monitoring. Unfortunately, video is also one of… View Article
What Does the Aereo Decision Mean for Innovation? I was interviewed by Xconomy today in a piece entitled “Could Fallout from Aereo Ruling Have “Chilling Effect On Startups?” Here’s a little more analysis than what was covered in the Xconomy article. The question of how the decision would affect innovation was raised immediately after the ruling by Chet Kanojia, Aereo’s CEO, when he… View Article
Choosing the Correct Video Sampling Format We’re a little late in posting this, but I wrote a blog entry for EDN last week that discusses how to choose the correct video sampling format. An excerpt: To process signals digitally, they must first be sampled and quantized. Sampling refers to measuring the light intensity at discrete space-time points, while quantization is the… View Article
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