Our Remote Surveillance Camera Innovations Highlighted on Recent Podcast

Hearing about how your company helped a client build an innovative new remote surveillance camera system is exciting!

On a recent episode of the Revenue Fuel Podcast, Dan Coleman, CEO of Creative Solutions Investigative Services (CSIS), touted Cardinal Peak’s connected device engineering, embedded security and machine learning model expertise in helping develop CSIS’s uncrewed surveillance solution.


Episode Highlights

During the podcast, Coleman highlighted how our innovative surveillance technology enables CSIS to rewrite the rules of private investigation with a tech-driven category design approach. Through the development of a remote surveillance camera system that can filter out unwanted footage irrelevant to investigations, we helped CSIS unlock unparalleled efficiency so that investigators can conduct more streamlined and thorough investigations.


Key Features of the Remote Surveillance Camera Solution:

  • Remote Video Surveillance: This project led to the creation of a remote surveillance camera system that empowers CSIS with unprecedented investigation surveillance capabilities.
  • Proprietary Transmission and Storage: The joint solution introduces a proprietary method for transmitting and storing recorded video footage, providing enhanced security and reliability.
  • Machine Learning Software: The state-of-the-art remote surveillance camera solution integrates CSIS’s unique investigative and intel surveillance processes with machine learning software to intelligently filter out irrelevant footage, streamlining the investigative process.

Check out our case study on CSIS’ remote surveillance camera system design for more details on the project.  


Watch the Podcast

For in-depth insights into how our collaboration with CSIS is reshaping the landscape of investigative surveillance, we invite you to watch the full episode of the Revenue Fuel podcast.



At Cardinal Peak, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and driving innovation in collaboration with visionary clients like Creative Solutions. This podcast episode illustrates the transformative impact the Cardinal Peak way can have on industries — even creating new categories — and we look forward to continuing our work with CSIS to pioneer advancements in the world of surveillance technology.

Need to revolutionize your category by enabling new solutions not possible before? Let Cardinal Peak help!