What is FreeRTOS? FreeRTOS is a wonderful choice for a whole class of small embedded devices. Whether discussing its simplicity and ubiquity or its small size and open-source nature, the real-time operating system aspect is actually the least interesting thing about FreeRTOS.
WeWork Doesn’t Lead to Deep Work Great engineers need to have an environment optimized around performing deep work.
Banksy Had Inside Help Today’s discussion at Cardinal Peak involved Banksy’s latest stunt. In case you missed the news, a print of one of Banksy’s most famous street murals, “Girl With Balloon,” appeared to destroy itself only seconds after it was auctioned by Sotheby’s for a record sum of $1.4M. Shortly after the destruction, Banksy posted an Instagram video… View Article
IoT Temperature Monitoring Cardinal Peak just completed the initial phase of an interesting IoT project that was slightly afield for us. Six months ago, a volunteer for the Emergency Family Assistance Association, a food bank in Boulder, asked me to develop a solution to track temperatures inside freezers and refrigerators. Embarrassingly, we haven’t done much pro bono work… View Article
Where There Is No Vision… I was disappointed in CES this year. Aside from minor tweaks, virtually everything on display in 2018 was also on display in 2017. Although I did see the world’s first “mixed reality dimensional guidance device,” I’m not sure what it is, but with that name I want it! Evidently, I’m not the only one whose… View Article
Negative Zero My wife brings up the following story any time she wants to make the point that I’m pedantic: When one of my daughters was in second grade, her math teacher told the class that any number divided by zero was one. I dashed off an impassioned email to the teacher, insisting that the result had… View Article
Welcome Mark Carrington to Cardinal Peak I’m super excited to announce that Mark Carrington will be joining Cardinal Peak as president at the beginning of the year. Mark is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive who comes to Cardinal Peak with a wealth of relevant experience in finding solutions for customers and building successful world-class teams. I’m looking forward to working with… View Article
An In-Depth Review of Deep Work For the last couple of weeks I’ve been meaning to blog about a book I recently read, but I have been so inundated by my to-do list that I couldn’t find the time — or, more accurately, the discipline — to sit down and apply myself to writing this post. That’s ironic: The book in… View Article
Is Voice Control the Killer App for Residential IoT? Like possibly everyone else who grew up watching Sesame Street, I loved Apple’s new ad featuring the Cookie Monster using Siri to help make cookies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCbWyYr82BM And the behind-the-scenes follow-up is possibly even funnier if you haven’t seen it. The pairing of the childlike Cookie Monster and Siri is pure genius. Great as these ads… View Article
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