Will CES Be Called the IoT Show in 2017? I attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month, and the biggest single category again this year was the Internet of Things, or IoT. Evidently, out of nearly 4,000 exhibiting companies, nearly a quarter displayed an IoT product. Meanwhile, for the last two years running, “Internet of Things” has been at “peak of inflated… View Article
Engineering a Better Television Experience I shouldn’t admit it, but I’m old enough to remember picking television shows very differently than we do today. Sonny, back when I was a kid, there were fewer choices in programming, it was impossible to time-shift, and if you missed something, you were out of luck. Out of necessity, shows were written on the… View Article
What Does the “Freelance Economy” Mean for Engineers? I’ve got a new article up at Entrepreneur: “What Does the ‘Freelance Economy’ Mean for Engineers?” Here’s a taste: What does mean for entrepreneurs across many fields? I’m convinced that the use of freelancers can lead to greater flexibility, with fewer traditional limitations. And that in turn can be a source of great competitive advantage… View Article
The New Elegance: Have the Guts to Leave Something Out I sat recently through a long, multiple-day design review for a major appliance manufacturer. This company —my customer — has a competitor who recently launched an IoT version of their product. In response, my customer is planning a large IoT offering, with a complex app that will support every possible option that their product offers…. View Article
Your Phone’s for Footballin’: Compression Efficiency Matters Again It’s likely that delivery efficiency is going to get more important in the future.
We Need a Better Way to Lock the Doors Another day, another public hack: Today we learned that a “cyber-espionage operation” has used a previously unknown flaw in Adobe Flash to gain information from NATO governments and others. And also 87% of Android devices are vulnerable to numerous known hacks because there’s no good business model to distribute patches on that platform. That’s just… View Article
Full of Doubt One common approach to hiring an engineering services firm is to issue an RFP. The core idea is, you write up your requirements, and get several engineering design services firms to bid. Usually the assumption is that every compliant bid is equivalent on quality and features, and therefore the decision is made based on schedule and total cost. This isn\’t a good idea.
Which Estimate Should I Give? One thing that is striking amongst different engineering cultures is the range of approaches to scheduling accuracy: How tolerant is the organization of schedule slips? And therefore how aggressive are engineering planners encouraged to be?
Entrepreneur: The IoT Will Have Arrived When You Don’t Even Notice It’s There I’ve got a new article at Entrepreneur magazine: “The Internet of Things Will Have Arrived When You Don’t Even Notice It’s There.” For most devices, Internet connectivity just isn’t that compelling. Really: How much do I care about my hot water heater? I certainly don’t need regular communications with it. I just want to know… View Article
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