The Internet of Things — and How Those Things Phone Home There’s a lot of buzz about the Internet of Things — a catchphrase designed to encompass a range of embedded devices that connect to cloud servers to act more intelligently than they could on their own. One problem that comes up is how to design the Thing to connect back to the Cloud Server — how does the Thing phone home? It’s tricky, because, usually, we are trying to balance several factors.
Choosing Between Outsourced and In-House Engineering The editors of Product Design & Development were kind enough to ask me to contribute an article on the value of outsourced engineering. So if you’re interested please take a look: 5 Questions to Consider When Choosing Between Outsourced or In-House Engineering. I’d welcome your comments below.
Understanding Code You Didn’t Write I’ve been thinking recently about skills I wish were taught better in computer science curricula. (Previously I discussed the ability to write.) Here’s another skill that we often need: The ability to quickly understand code you didn’t write. As open source is used more and more, we increasingly ask engineers to drop into a large… View Article
Mobile App “Clips” Radio Ads to Smartphone The Boulder County Business Report did a nice article about a recent project we did with a local Boulder startup, Clip Interactive: Local inventor Jeff Thramann hatched the idea and started Clip Interactive, originally contracting with Cardinal Peak for working space as well as help developing the technology. Cardinal Peak specializes in digital video and… View Article
Converting Between Data Rates and Storage Bordering on the line of “too embarrassingly simple for a blog post,” here is an Excel data rate converter.
The Continuing Devaluation of “k” The digital video industry seems destined to make resolution confusing. I just got back from NAB last week, where “4k video” was everywhere, and I want to tell you a story about video resolutions. (This is all using the resolutions that are common in the NTSC world, which basically means in the U.S. and Canada…. View Article
I Wish More Engineers Could Write Over a year ago, a computer science faculty member asked me what skills I wished CS programs would teach their graduates. I’m sure he expected a response along the lines of “teach Node.js” or “teach more networking” or “teach operating system theory.” (And for the record, I do think they should teach those topics.) It’s… View Article
My Threads Question If we interview you here at Cardinal Peak, we’re going to assume you’re competent to use Google, and we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you can look up answers to weird corner cases. What we really want to know is how deeply you understand how a computer works.
I Want Widgets that Come With an API Aside from the glut of “UltraHD” televisions at CES this year, I saw two other trends that seem noteworthy to me but that have not been highly reported in the tech press: There is a huge number of Internet-connected home sensors of all kinds, and also a much large concentration of smart or connected fitness… View Article
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