Pro1 Enters Smart Thermostat Market Our customer Pro1 — the second-largest thermostat vendor in North America — was featured in an article in the Boulder Daily Camera over the weekend: And thanks to a coordinated effort of businesses in Boulder County, Pro1 is looking to expand that market share with an “Internet of Things” technology that would compete with the… View Article
CurrentC and the Problem of Consortia Two friends — both evangelical acolytes of the Church of Apple — have been talking this week about the news that ApplePay and Google Wallet have been turned off by retailers who are backing a not-yet-released payment alternative called CurrentC. (And really, how dare RiteAid try to grab a few cents from each transaction? Clearly… View Article
When Will the Apple Watch Support Android? I’m sipping coffee while listening to my sweet new U2 album, and I’m pondering the future of openness with the Apple Watch. I haven’t seen any commentary about the fact that at launch it will only work with a recent iPhone. I certainly could be wrong, but I don’t think this state of affairs will… View Article
What Does the Aereo Decision Mean for Innovation? I was interviewed by Xconomy today in a piece entitled “Could Fallout from Aereo Ruling Have “Chilling Effect On Startups?” Here’s a little more analysis than what was covered in the Xconomy article. The question of how the decision would affect innovation was raised immediately after the ruling by Chet Kanojia, Aereo’s CEO, when he… View Article
Do Something Hard We have recently had several prospective customers approach us who are self-funded startups. Each of these customers was hoping we could help them develop an embedded product to the point where it could be sold on Kickstarter. And each of them wanted us to get them through some hard technical challenge that stands between them… View Article
How to Find the Right CTO I’ve got a new article up at Xconomy, sharing some thoughts about how to find the right Chief Technology Officer for your startup: I’ve got a strong bias that you are likely to need at least one member of your founding team who is a strong technology visionary and evangelist. Assuming you’re an entrepreneur with… View Article
Thoughts on Streaming Video Securely The kind folks at EDN have asked Cardinal Peak to author an occasional blog about streaming video. The first post went live this morning and discusses streaming video securely: Until recently, the accepted wisdom in the industry was that end users didn’t care about encrypting this type of video, as long as it was a… View Article
Five Software Tips for Securing IoT Devices I’ve got a new blog post up today at EE Times, discussing how to secure devices on the Internet of Things: It used to be academically interesting, perhaps, that an attacker could compromise an unconnected home thermostat. Today, it’s another thing entirely that an attacker can potentially target thousands of home thermostats from afar, determine… View Article
An Ode to Simplicity Originally this was going to be a blog post ranting about remote controls for home entertainment systems. For the most part, they have way too many buttons! I don’t think I have a particularly high-end setup at home — but I still had to type up instructions so that the rest of the family could… View Article
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