Yet More Patent Insanity Evidently the Justice Department is investigating MPEG LA on the grounds that they may be stifling innovation in the area of standards for web video. From today’s Wall St. Journal: The Justice Department is investigating whether a group representing some top technology firms is unfairly trying to smother a free rival technology for delivering online… View Article
Older Engineers: Don’t Listen to Penelope Trunk There’s a lot of advice on the internet directed to engineers and other tech workers who reach a certain age. According to Penelope Trunk, you’re supposed to hide your age on your resume by deleting work experience older than about 15 years ago and omitting the date on your college degree. (I’m going to blow… View Article
The Two Ways to Get Video Across the Internet In all the internet video out there, there are basically two methods of delivery: Progressive download and adaptive bit rate streaming.
We Need VP8 Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle I’ve been waiting for a little to mull over Google’s announcement about dropping H.264 support in Chrome in favor of VP8. Although my partner Ben Mesander would take the other side of the argument, I think the world needs VP8 like a fish needs a bicycle.
Two Types of Technical In all the sturm und drang of bad economic news, Cardinal Peak is on a bit of a hiring spree. If you’re a talented engineer who is interested in embedded application development and lives in the Denver/Boulder area, please get in touch! We’re working on some very cool products that I hope to be able… View Article
I Want Smarter Competitors! We recently became aware of another contract engineering firm that had appropriated our Why Contract Engineering page for their own website. This other firm (and no, I’m not going to link to them) claims on their home page that they “operate in an honest, ethical and professional manner,” so I guess they’ve got that going… View Article
Did the Manhattan Transfer Use Auto-Tune? I recently came across an allegation on that got me thinking. The review in question is by Andrew Grobengieser, and it is critical of the Manhattan Transfer’s latest album, The Chick Corea Songbook. Grobengieser alleges: As a lifetime fan, I was unbelievably excited to hear of the release of a Chick Corea songbook. And… View Article
Sniffing iPad Traffic Our engineering expert details how to capture and analyze all the network traffic flowing to and from a Wi-Fi-enabled device using a network sniffer.
Encoders Aren’t Commodities My partner Ben Mesander had a really cool post the other day: An H.264 encoder written in 30 lines of C code. Ben’s encoder outputs completely valid H.264, but it doesn’t actually compress anything. (What do you expect from 30 lines!) In fact, because of the necessary H.264 headers, the output of Ben’s encoder is… View Article
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