Welcome to the Peak

Welcome to our blog!

We see this blog as an experiment with social media.  As you’ll see on the rest of our website, Cardinal Peak is an engineering services company that helps customers build great embedded products – typically those having to do with video and audio compression, signal processing, and mobile applications.

We are often in the position where we spend time educating our customers about fundamental issues in our areas of expertise. Hopefully, that leads them to make more informed decisions, or to get their product to market faster. (And, of course, often their questions prompt us to go figure out the answers and maybe learn something in the process. It’s definitely a two-way street.) For whatever reason, our advice has value to customers, and they’re willing to pay us for our time to give it. And then generally they keep that advice to themselves.

But the old-school way of doing business – the proprietary, closed-source way, you might say – is changing everywhere you look.  We are thinking that maybe consulting shouldn’t be any different, so we’re planning to play around with that concept here by offering blog posts that might be useful. Think of it as open-sourcing the consulting concept to some degree.  With any luck we’ll manage to do it with a modicum of humor and humility, and hopefully in a way that allows us to learn from other people too.

Please feel free to contact us and suggest some new blog topics, or help share your own insight by commenting. We’d like nothing more than for this to be an interactive experience.