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ux design services iconAt Cardinal Peak, we understand the need to differentiate products and disrupt markets with an innovative UX/UI design. From the concept to the “look and feel” and requirements, we collaborate with our clients, leveraging the combined creative talents of each diverse team to imagine revolutionary new functionalities and user experiences. An integral stage of the product development process, product definition informs the subsequent stages of development, including system architecture, development engineering, mobile app development, GUI design and voice user interface creation. Successful product definition requires a delicate balance – while maximum creativity must be encouraged early on, organizational constraints must ultimately be imposed, including cost and time to market imperatives. Our team not only understands this balance but how the individual technologies and the entire system work together to create solutions that change the world. As such, our multidisciplinary strengths are indispensable to enhancing creativity and ensuring the product remains realizable.

Discuss your project with our product engineers to validate ideas, assess market fit and get estimates for cost and timeline.

UX Development Services Case Studies

Staffed with UX/UI designers, Cardinal Peak supports innovative GUI designs and voice user interfaces including the projects below. If you’re looking for help developing your connected device engineering requirements, contact us.

UI/UX Design Services FAQs

How Does UX Development Differ From UI Design?

UX, short for user experience, and UI, short for user interface, differ significantly. UX is the whole product experience including physical, voice and app interfaces. In short UX is about creating the entire experience that users have when interacting with the product. UI is generally the series of screens that a user will navigate in your software.

What is Your UX Development Process?

We have a multi-day workshop with the customer early in the process to understand the brand and the product mantras. We find that understanding the brand and the desire for the product strongly influence the direction of the UX and eventually the UI.

What is GUI Design?

GUI is short for graphical user interface. It is an older term for designing a software interface. We tend to use the term UI now as it connotes the entire workflow through multiple pages.

UX Consulting Services Resources

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