We’ve Moved

I’m a little late in posting this here, but it’s been a busy couple of months. As has already been reported in the local press, Cardinal Peak moved in late September.

New building pic

We’ve been adding some folks in the past year, and we had outgrown our previous location. But we also had a couple of other goals in addition to simply securing more space:

  • We wanted to get our team into a single location that would encourage collaboration and also allow our developers to have natural light and, when they wanted it, silence to think.
  • We also wanted to get some flexible lab space that would lend itself to rapid reconfiguration — so we could rapidly take on new projects.

Cardinal Peak sign pic

The new space is great: Our engineers are housed two or three to an office, which seems from my experience to be the ideal tradeoff between enough interaction to encourage collaboration and enough serenity to think through hard problems. The offices are arranged around the perimeter of the building so that every person has big windows that actually open. And, as befits our location in Boulder County, we’ve also got dedicated indoor bike parking and men’s and women’s showers.

In the center of the space, we’ve got two large labs plus a server room that can be easily reconfigured as our project mix changes over time.

lab workspace pic 1lab workspace pic 2







If you’re in the area, let us know — we’d love to give a tour!