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AWS re:Invent Chalk Talk: Connect Your Device to the Cloud with AWS IoT ExpressLink We presented our experience with AWS IoT ExpressLink at this year’s AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas. AWS ExpressLink can transform your legacy device into an IoT-connected device — with minimal design effort!
How To Ensure HIPAA-Compliant Software Development Explaining HIPAA and the benefits of HIPAA-compliant software development, this educational blog post from our health tech device expert provides a checklist for ensuring software compliance.
Amazon IoT 101: An AWS ExpressLink Overview Recently quoted in an Amazon blog post announcing ExpressLink’s general availability, one of our embedded engineers put together this overview of the new AWS IoT offering, highlighting what AWS ExpressLink is, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, and various use cases.
Whatever Happened With Amazon Sidewalk? Amazon Sidewalk is here… finally. What does that mean for IoT users? Our engineering expert delves into the shared network, highlighting its benefits and discussing what’s next for our increasingly connected world.
Domain-Driven Design in Embedded Systems Discover why domain-driven design, a unique approach to software development, focuses on modeling the architecture to match the real-world system in which it operates.
Matter Smart Home Standard Allows Smart Home Devices to Work Together Competing smart home standards complicate how we interact with our appliances, thermostats, home assistants and other connected devices at home, but one such standard — Matter — works to ensure device interoperability across brands and platforms. Read this informative post to learn more.
Improving At-Home Health Care with IoT Data Integration As IoT devices transform the way we live and work, high-tech gadgets are collecting an increasing amount of information about our health status. This blog post recaps an article our director of technical solutions drafted discussing how integrating that health care data into one display is the key to improving care outcomes and even saving lives.
Debug Probes Implement Conduit to Firmware From pricing to host tool compatibility to target device support, many different aspects shape how to identify the probe that best suits your project’s needs. This blog post sees our engineering expert detail debug probes targeting cores utilized in many of today’s most popular SoCs, discussing the different probe components and how they impact the identification of the right debug probe for your project.
Guide to IoT Health Care Device Development The health care industry is undergoing a digital transformation. IoT health care devices enhance patient safety, improve care and provider decision-making, and drive better health outcomes. As health care delivery extends beyond the walls of hospitals, understanding the different product design and development challenges for Internet of Things in health care is vital for a successful launch.
How Containerized Toolchains Improve Embedded Software Development Containers can make a significant difference and improve the way we develop embedded software. Our engineer shares their advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to use containerized toolchains and Docker to build consistent environments, speeding up both onboarding and development.
Top 10 IoT Security Vulnerabilities Considering the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, IoT security has taken on increased importance in our connected, data-driven world. In this informative blog post, our security expert lays out the top 10 vulnerabilities IoT systems face so that you can remain as protected as possible.
Embedded Security and the Top Properties of a Secure System With the IoT becoming ever-present in our lives, embedded security has taken on increased importance in a world in which data is a valuable currency. This blog post defines the challenge and highlights the top 10 characteristics of a secure system.