Lucid Sound Gaming Headphones

When LucidSound needed support on a high-quality surround sound gaming headset for Xbox One, they turned to Cardinal Peak.

Because Cardinal Peak has deep audio experience on our team, we didn’t have to find professionals to work on the project. Instead, we hit the ground running and provided embedded engineering development and hardware consulting, along with Quality Assurance every step of the way – a Cardinal Peak practice. We were able to design a driver to communicate with Microsoft’s wireless module and implement a driver for the audio codec chip, all while working with GIP (gaming interface protocol).

LucidSound Headphones Xbox packaging

The product reviews for the LS35X were stellar:

"I loved that Cardinal Peak had resources available to not only help me with the software development, but they could advise me on the electrical development. That was great. I felt there was no miscommunication in this project. It was easy to follow the Cardinal Peak process and I felt I had control over prioritization."
Aaron Smith
Co-Founder and Head of Product, LucidSound
Cardinal Peak logo with swirls

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