We collaborate with clients by meeting them at their point of need, working with existing teams and vendors, and supporting every aspect of the product engineering process.

At the outset of an engagement, we help you refine requirements, assess technical feasibility, and understand the level of investment required to bring a product to market. During development, we use an Agile methodology to deliver vertical slices of features quickly, providing you with constant updates and the ability to correct course quickly. And after launch, we set you up for long-term success by handling engineering support ourselves or performing technology transfer to your own team.


We understand that our deliverables operate within a larger system, and our process is tuned to ensuring a successful overall solution on the fastest possible schedule. With expertise across every engineering process, we empower your team with the support it needs to deliver complete, end-to-end solutions.

Process Map

Cardinal Peak: Key Differentiators

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    We have a laser focus on the end goal. Every step we take and every engineer that touches the project moves the project forward. Period. We use a milestone-driven approach to keep both short- and long-term goals in focus throughout the project.

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    You see what your Cardinal Peak project manager sees – at all times and at all stages of the project. You have access to our online management tools as well as guidance from our project managers. Clear, detailed communication minimizes surprises.

  • Experience Icon


    We understand how your entire solution works together, and that knowledge allows us to minimize the risks involved when it comes to your product’s successful market launch. Our engineers and testers are vested in the success of your product, watching over every detail and collaborating with your team daily to deliver the solution you need.

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    Testing is engineered into our process from the first day. Cardinal Peak’s QA team – more than 20 professionals – works continuously through every project. We find and correct any issues early, eliminating final-stage surprises.

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    Our team’s extensive experience ensures we’re able to help you overcome the most challenging issues. We understand your overall solution and segment challenges into simpler component pieces before applying inventive principles and other resources to generate a cutting-edge solution.

Client Experience

Cardinal Peak supports a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startup organizations. Whether you need a little extra support or a start-to-finish team to bring your product to market, we’re here.

Our track record of solving the most complex problems and collaborating with clients to conceive, develop, launch and support innovative best-in-class creations reduces your risk. You can trust Cardinal Peak.

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