Audio Product Design

Leveraging deep experience with both professional audio applications and consumer AV products, the Cardinal Peak audio team speeds the development of applications and products with the most demanding use cases.

Audio Software Engineering Expertise

With a wide variety of audio software engineering and consulting services, Cardinal Peak’s digital audio specialists design, develop and maintain software for applications at the intersection of sound and technology.

Audio Sampling Ingenuity

Cardinal Peak’s deep knowledge of sample rates in audio and audio sampling frequencies drives an expert understanding of the usefulness of digital systems with the ability to store, retrieve and transmit audio signals without any loss of quality.

Advancing Streaming Audio Technology

Today, there is no shortage of music streaming apps. Developed to address the problem of slow download times, audio streaming technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Discover how we’re helping move it further into the future.

Together, we can bring your audio product or application idea to market.

The Cardinal Peak Difference

When you hire Cardinal Peak, you won’t risk your project to an inexperienced team. We are experts in everything from pro audio applications with the highest levels of fidelity and the lowest latency requirements through the increasingly feature-rich array of consumer AV products. Refined over hundreds of projects with industry-leading partners, our transparent end-to-end processes combine with our proven industry expertise to tailor innovative solutions that meet your project’s unique needs.

Our Audio Experience

Our in-depth expertise in this sector ensures your audio applications and products, even those with a wide variety of differentiating end-user features and the most demanding use cases, will optimize sound for ever-proliferating form factors. We’ve worked with leading companies in the audio space to employ audio applications in a broad range of products.

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    Discover how we can help bring your audio project to life.