Innovating With iZotope

We recently completed a really cool project with our friends at iZotope. For those who have never picked up a guitar and dreamed of being the next Tom Petty, iZotope designs award-winning audio products and technologies for musicians, music producers and audio post engineers around the world. In a nutshell, they develop the software that makes the music you listen to sound awesome.

As a talented musician himself, iZotope CEO, Mark Either saw a need for a professional recording system where technology didn’t get in the way of a creative moment. iZotope then set out to develop a simple recording system that could be used by anyone from professional musicians and garage bands to aspiring solo artists. Spire Studio was born.

tech in use pic

With the goal of creating Spire Studio to be a connected product that was portable with professional sound quality and required little set-up, iZotope approached Cardinal Peak with an innovative industrial design, a user experience vision, and demanding performance requirements. Our hardware engineering team worked closely with the iZotope development team to create a product that maximized functionality and performance, and realized the user interface, while maintaining the integrity of the original industrial design.

So, grab your friends, plug in the Gibson and start recording some hits using Spire Studio.

Check out Spire Studio:

And learn more about our iZotope collaboration here.