Internet of Things Engineering

Smart Device Engineering

IoT – Networking – Control

Leveraging extensive experience with internet of things (IoT), IOT app development, and connected device design, Cardinal Peak empowers clients with the ability to quickly design products that seamlessly integrate with mobile applications and cloud systems. By their nature, IoT systems are complex systems requiring detailed knowledge of communications protocols, security standards, data collection and analytics. As many IoT applications are high volume, designing to minimize both the device BOM and the long-term cloud costs is crucial. Our team understands those requirements and possesses the skills and experience necessary to develop devices that can thrive in today’s networked ecosystems.

Our deep expertise in this area ensures connected devices will be intuitive to set up and use while maintaining security. We have worked with many of the major IoT platforms and component suppliers. Use our experience to help you reduce both cost and time to market by appropriately leveraging existing technologies.


IoT Engineering Services Examples

As one of the top IoT design firms, Cardinal Peak supports innovative internet of things engineering including the projects below. If you’re looking for a partner to help with smart home product prototyping or IoT app development, contact us for innovative smart device engineering.