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Product Definition

Concept – Look & Feel – Requirements

At Cardinal Peak, we understand the need to differentiate products and disrupt markets. From the concept to the “look and feel” and requirements, we collaborate with our clients, leveraging the combined creative talents of each diverse team to imagine revolutionary new functionalities and user experiences. An integral stage of the product development process, product definition informs the subsequent stages of development, including system architecture and development engineering. Successful product definition requires a delicate balance – while maximum creativity must be encouraged early on, organizational constraints must ultimately be imposed, including cost and time to market imperatives. Our team not only understands this balance but how the individual technologies and the entire system work together to create solutions that change the world. As such, our multidisciplinary strengths are indispensable to enhancing creativity and ensuring the product remains realizable.

Our Expertise

Yonder Music Service

Yonder is a music streaming service similar to Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music, but with a variation on the subscription business model – instead of monthly payments, music streaming is bundled with the sale of a mobile device or a data plan.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

The device would be dedicated solely for cryptocurrency and private key security. The resulting wallet is a unique and comprehensive set of components and features that make it the most secure and powerful device of its type.