Bridging the Gap: Native Modules and React Native Cross-platform development languages such as React Native are truly changing the game. From developers and designers to scripters, folks in QA and product owners, everyone wants a one-to-many relationship from codebase to platform.
Google I/O Rundown Here’s a quick rundown from a tech perspective of what Google announced last week at its I/O conference: Google bases most of its service model on artificial intelligence (AI). In this year’s I/O, they announced some really cool new data-center clusters called Tensor Processing Units (TPUs): huge, heavy-duty number-crunching machines that each provide up… View Article
When Will the Apple Watch Support Android? I’m sipping coffee while listening to my sweet new U2 album, and I’m pondering the future of openness with the Apple Watch. I haven’t seen any commentary about the fact that at launch it will only work with a recent iPhone. I certainly could be wrong, but I don’t think this state of affairs will… View Article
Cardinal Peak Develops Blockbuster App I’m proud to announce the release of the Blockbuster app for Android, developed by Cardinal Peak. The app launched this week in the Google Play store. It allows subscribers to manage their Blockbuster By Mail queue as well as find nearby stores, check a title’s availability in a store, and more. Check it out!