So, You Want to Add Alexa Control to Your Thing… Amazon’s Alexa was the darling of CES, and it’s easy to see why. The Echo and Echo Dot devices that run Alexa are relatively inexpensive, and a tremendous number were sold over the Christmas holiday period helped along, no doubt, by an aggressive marketing campaign and widespread markdowns. But, beyond being well marketed, Alexa has… View Article
Virtually Live From CES I’m writing this post from the comfort of my hotel room in Las Vegas, where I am attending my very first CES. I’ve been in the tech industry for a long time, both as an engineer and in business development, which probably makes it more surprising that this is my first time here — especially… View Article
Will CES Be Called the IoT Show in 2017? I attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month, and the biggest single category again this year was the Internet of Things, or IoT. Evidently, out of nearly 4,000 exhibiting companies, nearly a quarter displayed an IoT product. Meanwhile, for the last two years running, “Internet of Things” has been at “peak of inflated… View Article