Cloud Optimization — a Matter of Cost vs. Complexity Despite the cloud’s growth, organizations still struggle to select and assign the right resources to a cloud application. Our expert discusses cloud optimization, offering two specific examples – how you might build a web app or service and how to leverage cloud storage.
Deploying and Maintaining Cloud Infrastructure? Take a Look at Terraform Thanks to infrastructure as code (IaC) tools like Terraform, sysadmins and other IT pros are able to manage and provision their IT infrastructure through text files that look like code, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools.
Faster Python With Cython and PyPy: Part 2 Last week I started this two-part blog series about increasing the speed of Python through Cython and PyPy. While we already discussed the effects of Cython, I wanted to continue the discussion with a look at PyPy and then a contrast of both PyPy and Cython. How Fast Is PyPy? PyPy is an alternative Python… View Article
Faster Python With Cython and PyPy: Part 1 When a Python program runs too slowly for our liking, there are several ways to speed it up. Our expert recently spent some time experimenting with two of the most popular tools: Cython and PyPy. This two-part post begins by delving into Cython.