IACP Product Introduction

I just spent the last three days at the IACP show in Denver — the annual conference and expo for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

For anyone who was once a 12-year-old boy, IACP is about as cool as it comes because there are all sorts of cop paraphernalia on display — from Bell helicopters to Sig Sauer firearms to light bars. Even our own CaseCracker Interview Management System was on display in a partner’s booth.

But the most exciting part about the show was that our customer Decatur Electronics unveiled the Digital Responder 4000, a product we’ve spent the last several months building for them. It’s a highly integrated digital video recorder for the in-police-car market, containing two channels of H.264 video compression, two channels of audio recording, integrated radar and GPS.

We built the Digital Responder 4000 in about nine months, devoting a team of about seven engineers to the project. I want to publicly thank Mike, Bernard, Ted, Barb, Dave and Wei Ning for all their efforts — great job, guys!

Mike Perkins, Ph.D., is a managing partner of Cardinal Peak and an expert in algorithm development for video and signal processing applications.