The Future of Voice Control in Consumer Electronics

Want to hear what’s next in consumer electronics, including the latest in IoT products and voice control? Listen to the RIoT Underground podcast, where Jay Lent, solutions director of Cardinal Peak, discusses innovations and inclusivity in consumer electronics.

The RIoT Underground podcast covers emerging technologies and is hosted by RIoT Executive Director Tom Snyder. RIoT is a nonprofit that serves the Internet of Things (IoT) community. Cardinal Peak is a proud RIoT sponsor.

Voice Control is Changing Consumer Electronics

Jay Lent, voice control and consumer electronics industry veteranJay Lent is a consumer electronics products industry veteran. He shares some of Cardinal Peak’s latest engineering projects and asks, “what else can voice do?” Third-party voice applications can be brought into any system, including custom wake words, personalized retail experiences and whole-house voice control. With innovations like Syntiant’s ultra-low powered, always-on processor addressing battery issues, voice activation can be incorporated in more products and provide value in new ways. The technology and applications for listening go beyond voice. Microphone sensors on industrial equipment can detect sound changes and vibrations to detect and resolve issues earlier.

Inclusivity in Consumer Electronics, Voice and Smart Home Technology

Jay predicts that the current fractured marketplace for voice will be resolved. Standardization and cooperation are coming for voice technologies, similar to Zigbee’s Connected Home over IP (CHIP) initiative for smart home technology. A leader in this is Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative (VII), which is trying to make voice inclusive. Cardinal Peak is an AWS Consulting Partner and Voice Interoperability Initiative-participating company.

Voice integrations used to target techies and audiophiles only, but newer products at lower costs now allow voice to improve everyone’s experiences — and there are many more opportunities on the horizon. Cardinal Peak gets to work with clients on concepts and products that are leading in voice applications.

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