We’ve helped bring dozens of successful products to market.

From audio & video to connected home, Cardinal Peak has helped bring many industry-leading consumer devices to market. Today’s products must be easy to use but also — more often than not — connect through apps, web portals and third-party ecosystems, including voice assistants, to complete their customer promise.

Cardinal Peak is staffed and ready to assist at every stage of product development. We help our clients from system architecture through the entire development process, including hardware and embedded, cloud and mobile software development. Our post-launch support typically includes software updates for feature enhancements, new security threats and changes in underlying platforms. Cardinal Peak is your end-to-end consumer product development partner.

Our Experience

Yonder Music Service

Yonder is a music streaming service similar to Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music, but with a variation on the subscription business model – instead of monthly payments, music streaming is bundled with the sale of a mobile device or a data plan.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

The device would be dedicated solely for cryptocurrency and private key security. The resulting wallet is a unique and comprehensive set of components and features that make it the most secure and powerful device of its type.