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We’ve helped bring dozens of successful products to market.

From audio & video to connected home, Cardinal Peak helps bring many industry-leading consumer electronics designs to market. Today’s products must be easy to use but also — more often than not — connect through apps, web portals and third-party ecosystems, including voice assistants, to complete their customer promise.

Cardinal Peak is staffed and ready to assist at every stage of consumer product development. We help our clients from system architecture through the entire development process, including hardware and embedded, cloud, and mobile software development. Our post-launch support typically includes software updates for feature enhancements, new security threats, and changes in underlying platforms. Cardinal Peak is your end-to-end consumer product prototyping and development partner.


Our Case Studies: Consumer Product Design

As a leader in consumer product design services, Cardinal Peak supports innovative consumer electronics designs including the projects below. If you’re looking for consumer product design companies to partner with, contact us for innovative consumer product development.

FAQs About Our Consumer Product Design Services

What Areas Are Your Staff Experienced In?

What makes our company a top consumer product design firm is that we can assemble the exact right team to develop your product from our 100+ experienced engineers. We draw from our:

  • Embedded Software – Representing roughly half our technical staff, our embedded team is skilled with most SoCs, microprocessors and most flavors of RTOS.
  • Hardware – Mechanical and electrical engineers who design both the housing and the electronics of your product. They ensure the BOM is minimized and the design is optimized for production at the selected manufacturer. In addition, they can manage FCC, CE and any other certifications.
  • Cloud Applications – Our cloud applications software development team helps realize the full vision of your connected product by implementing features for end-customers as well as web portals for manufacturing, customer support, service/installation, and other stakeholders.
  • End-User Applications – Our end-user applications team provides beautiful and functional applications for your customers on mobile devices, laptops, STBs and other platforms.
  • QA – Our QA team starts on day one to ensure your product is well tested and ready for manufacturing. They will even manage your alpha (friends-and-family) testing and beta testing.

Additionally, we have specialty engineers to support FPGAs, DSPs, signal processing, AI, and machine learning aspects of the design. Finally, our Project Managers are the perfect bridge between your product owners and our deep engineering resources.

How Much Does the Consumer Product Design Service Cost?

Because each consumer product design service is unique and has different requirements to execute the final product, we do not have a set price on our service. To get a rough idea of the cost involved with your consumer product development, please contact us and we will discuss your project’s needs. By comparing with other products we have developed, we can generally provide you a ROM estimate very quickly. We can also help you understand what features are driving the costs so that you can make more informed decisions.

What Are Some Companies You Have Worked With?

What makes us different from other consumer and smart home product design companies is that we’ve formed industry partnerships with some of the top companies in the world, including:

  • Amazon (Web Services and Alexa)
  • Apple
  • Texas Instruments Inc.
  • Silicon Labs
  • Qualcomm
  • And more

Hear what some of our customers are saying about us and see some products we have developed.

Consumer Product Design Resources

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