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On the Importance of Hiring Excellence

April 16th, 2014 by Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins

I came across the article “Why the ‘Next Silicon Valley’ is Always Silicon Valley” during my lunchtime reading today and found it really interesting. I would summarize it—obviously not justly!—as follows: Excellence is a snowball rolling down hill. Excellence attracts more […]

Heartbleed Wasn’t a Single Bug

April 14th, 2014 by Ben Mesander
Ben Mesander

The heartbleed bug in OpenSSL has been all over the news. XKCD perhaps had the most succinct explanation. I’d like to take a deeper look at this bug and the process that allowed it to be created. Catastrophic failures are […]

Do Something Hard

April 2nd, 2014 by Howdy Pierce
Howdy Pierce

We have recently had several prospective customers approach us who are self-funded startups. Each of these customers was hoping we could help them develop an embedded product to the point where it could be sold on Kickstarter. And each of […]

Choosing the Correct Video Sampling Format

April 1st, 2014 by Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins

We’re a little late in posting this, but I wrote a blog entry for EDN last week that discusses how to choose the correct video sampling format.  An excerpt:  To process signals digitally, they must first be sampled and quantized. […]

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Big Data, Probability, and Birthdays: Part 2 of 2

March 24th, 2014 by Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins

In Part One of this blog post I discussed how to state an experiment in the form of probability spaces. Determining the sample space and the event space is necessary to be able to talk intelligently about probability measures, which […]

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Using UDP in Internet-of-Things Devices

March 19th, 2014 by Ben Mesander
Ben Mesander

I recently read this article by John Carbone about using UDP in embedded systems. The advice in the article is accurate, but there are some other issues to consider when designing UDP based protocols in embedded systems that Carbone did […]

Joy’s Law and the Problem of Engineering Design

March 12th, 2014 by Bernard Vachon
Bernard Vachon

One meme that has been making the rounds recently is Joy’s Law, supposedly named after Bill Joy, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems: “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” It’s a […]

Big Data, Probability, and Birthdays: Part 1 of 2

March 6th, 2014 by Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins

Cardinal Peak’s big data practice is expanding as we continue adding data scientists to our staff. In a recent discussion regarding a data set we’re analyzing, a probability problem conceptually equivalent to the following arose: In a room filled with […]

The Difference between HMAC and MAC

February 27th, 2014 by Ben Mesander
Ben Mesander

Hash-based message authentication code, or HMAC, is an important building block for proving that data transmitted between the components of a system has not been tampered with. HMAC is a widely used cryptographic technology. I recently came across its use […]

How to Find the Right CTO

February 14th, 2014 by Howdy Pierce
Howdy Pierce

I’ve got a new article up at Xconomy, sharing some thoughts about how to find the right Chief Technology Officer for your startup: I’ve got a strong bias that you are likely to need at least one member of your […]


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