Fujitsu General Works With Cardinal Peak IoT Experts to Launch New FGLair Mobile App

LAFAYETTE, Colo. — Cardinal Peak, an engineering services firm that helps customers design and bring Internet of Things (IoT) products to market, today announced they will be working with Fujitsu General to launch the FGLair mobile application. The application is launching in multiple global markets throughout 2017 and allows users to control air conditioner settings anytime and anywhere.

Known for their high-efficiency, always reliable air conditioning units, Fujitsu General now offers a number of Wi-Fi enabled models allowing remote operation through the FGLair mobile application. The new models give commercial and residential users the ability to control energy savings, comfort features, zone and directional control and scheduling remotely through a mobile application.

“The team at Cardinal Peak is excited to work with Fujitsu General to help bring the new FGLair mobile application to market,” said Mark Carrington, CEO of Cardinal Peak. “The new engineering solution has involved Android and iOS development, deployment and all quality assurance efforts.”

As the primary integration contractor, Cardinal Peak provided complete system integration for FGLair, working with the IoT platform services from Ayla Networks and adapter firmware developed by Universal Electronics Inc. to ensure successful user sign-on and device registration, communication and software updates.

“Cardinal Peak demonstrated the expertise and engineering knowledge to help us develop the FGLair application,” said Todaka Yuichiro, Dept. Manager, Air Conditioner System Development. “From wireless connectivity to our mobile application, they provided excellent engineering guidance and followed through with diligent implementation of our specifications.”

About Fujitsu General

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About Cardinal Peak

Cardinal Peak offers engineering design services for Internet of Things (IoT) and Audio & Video products. Focused on increasing our clients’ engineering ROI, Cardinal Peak helps bring embedded products and mobile apps to market in the fastest and most reliable way. Our staff of knowledgeable engineers brings more than 1,000 combined years of experience to our clients’ projects, with deep expertise in digital media processing, app development and embedded hardware and software engineering. Cardinal Peak is based in Lafayette, Colo., and can be found online at