Improving At-Home Health Care with IoT Data Integration

To effectively monitor and diagnose your health status, hospitals utilize a wide variety of sensors and instruments to collect the necessary information. Combining that essential health data into one unified platform empowers health care professionals to easily monitor critical care parameters, quickly make decisions and deliver the best patient care possible.

While the comprehensive insight into a patient’s health these high-tech instruments deliver is vital to gaining a proper understanding of a patient’s health and well-being, that equipment can be outrageously expensive. That being said, how can people who don’t have the money and resources to integrate those expensive gadgets into their at-home care routine monitor and improve their state of health?

Meet the Engineer: Pat Black

Pat Black Cardinal Peak Director of Technical Solutions

Our director of technical solutions, Pat Black, recently penned an article for HIT Consultant, a leading source of health care technology news, analysis and insights, highlighting how integrating health data from a variety of sensors and consumer devices in one common display can significantly improve people’s at-home health routines and potentially even save lives.

Read the Article on HIT Consultant

From the rise in IoT health care devices to data integration challenges and examples, this informative article details how important IoT data integration is in the world of consumer health care.

Check out How IoT Data Integration Helps Deliver Improved At-Home Healthcare in 2022 to understand how the integration of meaningful, real-time health status information can drive improved care outcomes.

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