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In our technologically advanced world, cloud based applications continues to transform every industry along with every niche. As a result, cloud application development has never been more essential for the success of organizations worldwide. Its low-cost compute cycles combine with easy access from any location to open up a vast number of applications for reinvention as resources are scaled up and down as needed. Cloud applications ensure that end-users are always running the most recent version of the software, and the centralized data repositories mean end users can interact with the system from anywhere at any time without any synchronization issues. In addition, cloud architecture is ideal for managing user access and monetization.

Cloud offerings are often coupled with hardware devices for collecting data and controlling end processes and end-user apps for interacting with the system — the options are nearly limitless with cloud app development services. The true power of the cloud is only now being unleashed as AI and machine learning analyze the vast amounts of collected data to optimize virtually any process.

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As a cloud native services company, Cardinal Peak helps customers transform their business through innovative cloud professional services from architecture to migration and through support. We’re ready to assist at every stage of IoT cloud application development to help you get the most out of your application modernization services. Consider us your end-to-end cloud app dev partner for exceptional cloud services you can count on.


Our Case Studies: Cloud Professional Services

As one of the top cloud software development companies, Cardinal Peak supports innovative cloud app development including the projects below. If you’re considering developing cloud services, Cardinal Peak is your ideal partner.

FAQs About IoT Cloud Application Development

Why do you focus on IoT cloud application development?

While we do other forms of cloud application development, we specialize in cloud applications for IoT devices. Because of our deep experience on the embedded side developing IoT devices, we understand the unique requirements for IoT products that IT/workflow-driven cloud companies miss. We understand the capabilities of IoT devices so we balance what should be done on the device with what should be done in the cloud.

Beyond IoT, do you have other cloud application development expertise?

Because of our strong video and audio background, we frequently work on cloud systems that need to manage audio or video. We have developed many cloud-based video management systems (VMS) for a variety of applications from home security through entertainment distribution. Similarly, we have developed multiple cloud-based audio streaming services.

What does IoT cloud development entail?

In the early days of IoT, a number of companies developed one-size-fits-all cloud systems to manage large numbers of devices for their clients. These systems allowed some customization but not much. We developed many products using these IoT clouds to speed our clients’ products to the market. As Amazon and Microsoft have developed their IoT offerings, we are developing more customized IoT cloud applications for our customers so they can better differentiate their products. The tools that AWS and Azure provide for IoT applications, like AWS IoT Core,  are more like Lego blocks than the old one-size-fits-some solutions of the past, so we are able to develop tailored solutions on a limited budget.

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