Health Care

From records to diagnostic tools, technology is revolutionizing health care.

Technology advances continue to revolutionize health care, which is helping lead to better outcomes, diagnosis and prevention. Devices of all types now incorporate powerful processors, proprietary software and depend on DSP algorithms and network connectivity to perform their functions. But with health and lives at stake, the health care sector demands products with the highest possible accuracy at every step.

In recent years, digital security has also come to the forefront as health care records are some of the most valuable stolen data available. Further, a data breach in health care can result in HIPPA violations and other ramifications.

Cardinal Peak team members bring years of experience to this critical and demanding market, ensuring your product will be accurate and secure.

Our Experience

Medical Imaging

Low latency and high resolution are critical attributes for ultrasound imaging. We developed embedded software including video processing for a portable ultrasound imaging device.

Counterfeit Protection

Counterfeited electrosurgical handpieces increase surgical risk and damage profitability. A major medical company asked Cardinal Peak to help find a solution to this dangerous situation.

Invitro Diagnostic Medical Device

The goal was a cost-effective, reliable, manufacturable product designed so it would be cleared by the FDA. The client provided the planar waveguide and assay science and we designed …

Medical Sponge Detector

The operating room is a busy place which leads to the risk of losing track of the most common medical devices used – simple sponge/gauze-pad/towels – unless you have RF tracking in them.

HIPAA compliant VMS and App

“I knew immediately how inefficient it was for physicians and their staffs to have the same conversation over and over again. I realized that a better, more efficient process would involve a video of doctor/patient consultations.”