An experienced technology professional specializing in internet of things (IoT), audio & video, mobile apps, embedded hardware and software development, Howdy leveraged a technical background spanning multimedia systems, software engineering and operating systems to co-found Cardinal Peak in 2002.

Howdy Pierce

Banksy Had Inside Help

Today’s discussion at Cardinal Peak involved Banksy’s latest stunt. In case you missed the news, a print of one of Banksy’s most famous street murals, “Girl With Balloon,” appeared to destroy itself only seconds after it was auctioned by Sotheby’s for a record sum of $1.4M. Shortly after the destruction, Banksy posted an Instagram video…

Howdy Pierce

IoT Temperature Monitoring

Cardinal Peak just completed the initial phase of an interesting IoT project that was slightly afield for us. Six months ago, a volunteer for the Emergency Family Assistance Association, a food bank in Boulder, asked me to develop a solution to track temperatures inside freezers and refrigerators. Embarrassingly, we haven’t done much pro bono work…

Howdy Pierce

Negative Zero

My wife brings up the following story any time she wants to make the point that I’m pedantic: When one of my daughters was in second grade, her math teacher told the class that any number divided by zero was one. I dashed off an impassioned email to the teacher, insisting that the result had…