With a technical focus on digital signal processing (DSP), video compression and communications theory, "Perk" co-founded Cardinal Peak in 2002 and helped guide the company as co-CEO until 2016 and as chairman until 2017.

Mike Perkins

Teaching in Africa: Part 1

I’m on sabbatical from Cardinal Peak right now, teaching at Carnegie Mellon’s Africa campus in Kigali, Rwanda. Aside from the fun I’ve had being in another culture and in an academic environment, it’s been great to see how a world class university like CMU educates graduate students in ECE and IT overseas. CMU’s Rwanda program…

Mike Perkins

On the Importance of Hiring Excellence

I came across the article “Why the “Next Silicon Valley” is Always Silicon Valley” during my lunchtime reading today and found it really interesting. I would summarize it — obviously not justly! — as follows: Excellence is a snowball rolling down hill. Excellence attracts more excellence in a virtuous circle. Getting the snowball started is…