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Today, nearly every company is a digital security company — or should be. Security and keychain management starts with design and continues as long as the product is in use, but striking a balance between “user-friendly” and “secure” requires a thoughtful balance of technology with a deep understanding of the tolerances of the target market. Many devices use specially provisioned authenticity chips, which not only validate the device but also prevent the manufacturer from producing non-sanctioned units. Depending on the device, securing against a variety of physical attacks and hacks in addition to the constant remote software attacks is necessary. The embedded software will need to be updated to address new threats as they arise, and when updating, it is vitally important to ensure that it can only be updated by a verified source. Security continues through the cloud software and the end-user apps. Most importantly, every aspect of the security must be maintained — a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Cardinal Peak’s end-to-end design capabilities confirm that no holes have been left in your security architecture.

Our Expertise

Access Control Apps

When a leading developer of complete enterprise physical security solutions asked us to develop their mobile experience, we were excited to help as …

Cryptocurrency Wallet

The device would be dedicated solely for cryptocurrency and private key security. The resulting wallet is a unique and comprehensive set of components and features that make it the most secure and powerful device of its type.

HIPAA compliant VMS and App

“I knew immediately how inefficient it was for physicians and their staffs to have the same conversation over and over again. I realized that a better, more efficient process would involve a video of doctor/patient consultations.”