Mike Perkins

How Low Can You Go?

Last night I went to the Denver IEEE meeting of the Signal Processing Society. I was particularly interested in this talk because it was given by Gary Sullivan, the co-chair of the recent international standardization effort to create the High Efficiency Video Coding Standard (HEVC).

The H.264 Sequence Parameter Set

This is a follow-up to my World’s Smallest H.264 Encoder post. I’ve received several emails asking about precise details of things in two entities in the H.264 bitstream: the Sequence Parameter Set (SPS) and the Picture Parameter Set (PPS). Both entities contain information that an H.264 decoder needs to decode the video data, for example,…

Howdy Pierce

Encoders Aren’t Commodities

My partner Ben Mesander had a really cool post the other day: An H.264 encoder written in 30 lines of C code. Ben’s encoder outputs completely valid H.264, but it doesn’t actually compress anything. (What do you expect from 30 lines!) In fact, because of the necessary H.264 headers, the output of Ben’s encoder is…

World’s Smallest H.264 Encoder

Recently I have been studying the H.264 video codec and reading the ISO spec. H.264 a much more sophisticated codec than MPEG-2, which means that a well-implemented H.264 encoder has more compression tools at its disposal than the equivalent MPEG-2 encoder. But all that sophistication comes at a price: H.264 also has a big, complicated…